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Dream Away: Concept to Completion

On top of photography, I have a large passion for making things with my hands. I have always loved fashion, and recently I got to help on the construction of this AMAZING Gown designed and Created by Sharon Peng, an amazing designer! She and I work together on many projects on KironKreative.


This was the most fun I have ever had getting a shoot together! I got to get hands on, and learn how to do a lot of things when it comes to creating a garment like this! It was truly an eye-opening experience to see what goes on to bring everything together! As a photographer, I have had a few dresses made for my shoots, but never have I been this involved in the process. Up until now, I just show up and take the pictures.

For our shoot, we brought on Lydia Tachkov, an amazing individual, and fantastic model! She was very fun to work with, and even during the prep for the shoot, was joking around with us and having an all-around great time.

Below, you will see the BTS photos of the making of the gown. I didn't take a bunch,but I tried to take pictures that were interesting when I could. 

The photoshoot was a BLAST! The location I chose was the windmills behind the 580. The rolling hills are gorgeous and I felt the windmills would show the spirit of the elements the dress was build around. The thing is, I forgot that they put windmills where there is a lot of wind. This gown does not fair will in high winds. When we arrived, and the model got out of the car, she was instantly blown around quite fiercely! Below there is a video that will show you want I mean (I apologise for the language in the video, we were all overwhelmed by the wind and a little giggly from just how intense it was)

Designer: Sharon Peng
Model: Lydia Tachkov
Photographer: Me (Kirk Ellert)